Talks co-hosted by the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN)

These talks were contributed and accepted for ATMCS 9 in 2020, but this is not going to be ATMCS itself (which has been cancelled or postponed).

If you want to attend these talks, then please become an AATRN member by clicking on the “members” tab at We will send out one announcement email to all AATRN members per talk, including information for how to join the talk on Zoom. You may add the associated google calendar.

All talk times are 11am Eastern Time, unless listed otherwise. Speakers are in bold. We will have two speakers per week, with each speaker giving a 20 minute talk.

Mon May 25
Théo Lacombe and Vincent Divol. Studying the Space of Persistence Diagrams using Optimal Partial Transport [Video1] [Video2]

Mon Jun 1
Jacob Leygonie, Steve Oudot, and Ulrike Tillmann. Differential Calculus on Persistence Barcodes [Video]
Alexander Rolle and Luis Scoccola. Stable and consistent density-based clustering [Video]

Mon Jun 8
Marek Filakovský, Uli Wagner, Stephan Zhechev, and Lukas Vokrinek. Embeddings and Tverberg-Type Problems: New Algorithms and Undecidability Results
Wojciech Chacholski, Alvin Jin, Martina Scolamiero, and Francesca Tombari. Homotopical decompositions of simplicial and Vietoris Rips complexes

Mon Jun 15
Woojin Kim and Facundo Memoli. Spatiotemporal persistent homology for dynamic metric spaces
Joshua Mike and Jose Perea. TALLEM: Topological Assembly of Locally Linear Euclidean Models

Mon Jun 22, 2pm Eastern Time
Nicolas Berkouk, Grégory Ginot, and Steve Oudot. Sheaves as computable and stable topological invariants for datasets
Nicolas Berkouk and François Petit. Ephemeral persistence modules and distance comparison

Mon Jun 29
Michael Kerber and Arnur Nigmetov. Efficient Approximation of the Matching Distance for 2-Parameter Persistence
Mickaël Buchet and Emerson G. Escolar. Every 1D Persistence Module is a Restriction of Some Indecomposable 2D Persistence Module

Mon Jul 6, 8pm Eastern Time (9am Japan Time on Tues Jul 7)
Shu Kanazawa. A limit theorem for Betti numbers of homogeneous and spatially independent random simplicial complexes
Killian Meehan. Comparative Stability of Two Zigzag Bottleneck Distances

Mon Jul 13
Érika Roldán, Matthew Kahle, and Elliot Paquette. The fundamental group of 2-dimensional random cubical complexes
Luis Polanco and Jose Perea. Data driven torsion coordinates and Wasserstein stability

Mon Jul 20
Michał Lipiński, Jacek Kubica, Marian Mrozek, and Thomas Wanner. Conley-Morse-Forman theory for generalized combinatorial multivector fields on finite topological spaces
Elchanan Solomon, Clément Maria, and Steve Oudot. Intrinsic Topological Transforms via the Distance Kernel Embedding

Mon Jul 27
Hengrui Luo, Alice Patania, Jisu Kim, and Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson. Generalized Penalty for Circular Coordinate Representation
Ulrich Bauer and Abhishek Rathod. Hardness of Min-Morse matching for 2-complexes

Mon Aug 3
Siddharth Vishwanath, Kenji Fukumizu, Satoshi Kuriki, and Bharath Sriperumbudur. Statistical Invariance of Betti Numbers in the Thermodynamic Regime
Lewis Marsh, Heather Harrington, Emilie Dufresne, Sarah Filippi and Helen Byrne. Geometric and Topological Data Analysis of Enzyme Kinetics

Mon Aug 10
Alexander Wagner and Peter Bubenik. Nonembeddability of Persistence Diagrams into Hilbert Spaces
Sarah Tymochko, Elizabeth Munch, and Firas Khasawneh. Detecting Bifurcations in Dynamical Systems with Zigzag Persistent Homology

Mon Aug 17
Hannah Schreiber, David Letscher, Erin Chambers, Tao Ju, and Dan Zeng. Topological Simplification of Voxelized Data
Samir Chowdhury, Caleb Geniesse, and Manish Saggar. Exploring the landscape of brain dynamics at multiple scales during ongoing cognition