Math 8250. Random Metric Spaces.  Spring 2019. Matthew Kahle and Facundo Memoli.

Math 4570. Applied Algebraic Topology. 2019. Tom Needham.

Math 4570. A new course on Applied Algebraic Topology. 2018. Crichton Ogle and Tom Needham.

Mini-course by Yasu Hiraoka — Research topics on random topology, machine learning, and persistent homology. (13–15 November, 2017).

Mini-course by Patrizio Frosini — Some new results in two-dimensional and group-invariant persistent homology. (3–7 April, 2017).

Sheaf Theory. Spring 2017. Sanjeevi Krishnan.

Computational Topology and Data Analysis. Spring 2017. Tamal Dey.

Applied Algebraic Topology. . Fall 2016. Crichton Ogle and Facundo Mémoli.

Topics on Networks Data Analysis. Spring 2016. Facundo Mémoli.

Computational topology: Theory, algorithms and applications to data . Spring 2016. Yusu Wang.

Mini-course by Jose Perea — Some Applications of Algebraic Topology to the Analysis of Data. (16–20 November, 2015)

Reading Group on Applied Algebraic Topology. (Autumn 2015) Roy Joshua, Facundo Mémoli and Crichton Ogle.

Mini-course by Justin Curry — Sheaves, Cosheaves, and Applications. (9–13 March, 2015).

Reading Group on Applied Algebraic Topology. (Spring 2015) Crichton Ogle and Facundo Memoli.

Random Spaces and Random groups. (Spring 2015) Matthew Kahle.

Computational Topology and Data Analysis. Tamal Dey

Random graphs and percolation. Matthew Kahle.

Metric geometry in data analysis. Facundo Memoli.

Algorithm design under a geometric lens. Tasos Sidiropoulos.

Introduction to Computational Topology: an algorithmic view. Yusu Wang.