Topology, Geometry, and Data Analysis Seminar

Times: Tuesdays 4–5pm.

Location: CH 240 or Zoom.

Contact: The seminar is currently organized by Matthew Kahle, Facundo Mémoli, Ranthony Edmonds, and Alex McCleary. Feel free to write to us if you have suggestions for speakers.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Jan. 26 Jose Perea
(Michigan State)
Learning functions on the space of persistence diagrams
Feb. 9 Candice Price
The Tangle Method: A Mathematical Model for Protein DNA Interactions
Feb. 16 Sunhyuk Lim
Vietoris-Rips Persistent Homology, Injective Metric Spaces, and The Filling Radius
Mar. 2 Fedya Manin
Homology of configuration spaces of disks in a strip
Mar. 9 Crichton Ogle
On the structure of modules indexed by small categories
Mar. 16 Michael Robinson
The category of relations and its topology
Mar. 23 Wesley Hamilton
(UNC-Chapel Hill)
Proteins and persistence
Mar. 30 Nicolas Fraiman
(UNC-Chapel Hill)
Bulk and extremes of the weights of minimal spanning acycles
Apr. 6 Wako Bungula
(UW-La Crosse)
Classification of Ecological States using Topological Data Analysis
Apr. 13 Katharine Turner
(Australian National University)
Algebraic Wasserstein distance between persistence modules

Autumn 2020 Schedule

Oct. 13 Vidit Nanda (Oxford) Computational Topology in Intersection Theory
Oct. 20 Lori Ziegelmeier (Macalaster) Capturing Dynamics of Time-Varying Data via Topology
Oct. 27 Paul Duncan (OSU) Plaquette Percolation in the Torus
Nov. 10 Thomas Weighill (Tufts) The (Homological) Persistence of Gerrymandering
Nov. 17 Elizabeth Munch (Michigan State) The Truncated Interleaving Distance for Reeb Graphs
Nov. 24 Ruian Chen (OSU) Categorifying Persistent Homology
Dec. 1 Vin De Silva (Pomona) Thoughts on Teaching Applied Topology

Autumn 2017 Schedule

Sep. 25  Soledad Villar (New York University) Special talk: Quadratic assignment on different data models
Sep. 26 Michael Catanzaro (University of Florida)  Stochastic dynamics of cellular cycles
Oct. 24 Fedor Manin (OSU) Geometrically bounded embeddings
Nov. 7 Nicolas Garcia-Trillos (Brown University) Graph-based Bayesian learning: continuum limits and scalability of sampling algorithms.
Nov. 13 Yasu Hiraoka (Tohoku University, Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Sendai Japan) TGDA Mini-Course 1
Nov. 14 Yasu Hiraoka (Tohoku University, Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Sendai Japan) TGDA Mini-Course 2
Nov. 15 Yasu Hiraoka (Tohoku University, Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Sendai Japan) TGDA Mini-Course 3: Machine learnings on persistent homology and its applications to materials science

Spring 2016 Schedule

Autumn 2015 Schedule

 Sept. 15  Sanjeevi Krishnan (OSU)  The Directed Topology of Sensor Networks
 Oct. 6  Dena Asta (OSU).  Geometric Approaches to Inference: Non-Euclidean Data and Networks.
 Oct. 13  Joe Anderson (OSU).  Heavy-Tailed Independent Component Analysis
 Nov. 10  Krystal Taylor (OSU).  Geometry and fractal sets
 Nov. 17  José Perea (MSU).  Projective coordinates for the analysis of data
 Nov. 16 to Nov. 20  José Perea (MSU).  Mini course on TDA

Spring 2015 Schedule

 Jan. 19–23  No seminar.
 Jan. 29 at CH 240 (Special Date and Venue)  Konstantin Mischaikov (Rutgers). A Database of Dynamic Signatures for Switching.
 Feb. 2–6  No seminar.
 Feb. 9–13  No seminar.
 Feb. 17th  Carina Curto (PSU Topological and algebraic approaches to the analysis of neural data.
 Feb. 24th  Mickaël Buchet. Using the distance to a measure to efficiently handle noise in homology inference.
 Mar. 6th  No seminar.
 Mar. 9, 4–5.30pm — Journalism Bldg 371.  Justin Curry (Duke). Sheaves as a Foundation for Persistence.
Talk I of Mini-course: Sheaves, Cosheaves and Applications.
 Mar. 10, 4–5pm — Journalism Bldg 295.  Justin Curry (Duke). Understanding the Interleaving Distance for Sheaves.
Talk II of Mini-course: Sheaves, Cosheaves and Applications.
 Mar. 13, 3–4pm — MW 154.  Justin Curry (Duke). Open Problems and Higher Categories in Persistence.
Talk III of Mini-course: Sheaves, Cosheaves and Applications.
 Mar. 17th  No seminar
 Mar. 24th  Katherine Turner (UChicago). Reconstruction of compact sets using cone fields.
 Mar. 31st  Dejan Slepcev (CMU)  Variational problems on graphs and their continuum limits.
 Apr. 7th  TBA
 Apr. 14th  Dmitriy Morozov.  Computing Topology in Parallel.
 Apr. 21st  TBA

Fall 2014 Schedule

 Sep. 23  Facundo Mémoli. (OSU)  The classification of clustering methods (part 1).
 Sep. 29  Facundo Mémoli. (OSU)  The classification of clustering methods (part 2).
 Oct. 7  No Seminar
 Oct. 14  Matthew Kahle (OSU)  The length of the longest bar in random persistent homology.
 Oct. 21  Greg Malen (OSU).  Random Graph Homomorphism Complexes.
 Oct. 29  No seminar.
 Nov. 4  Larry Wasserman(CMU).  Statistical Inference for Topology.
 Nov. 11  No seminar.
 Nov. 18  Dan Brake (Notre Dame).  Numerically decomposing algebraic surfaces with an infinite number of singularities.
 Nov. 25  Dan Burghelea(OSU).  Topological novelty in “persistence” for angle valued map. (Jordan cells, and methods for their calculation).
 Dec. 2  Dan Thompson (OSU)  Topological pressure and the detection of structure in long finite sequences.

Spring 2014 Schedule

 Jan. 10  Ulrich Bauer.  The Morse theory of Cech and Delaunay filtrations.
 Jan. 24  Yusu Wang.  Laplace operator from Discrete Samples and Applications.
 Jan. 27  Dan Burghelea.  Level persistence revisited (an alternative perspective and new results).
 Feb. 7  Facundo Mémoli.  Spectral similarity of shapes.
 Feb. 14  David Sivakoff  Deterministic percolation from random initial seeds.
 Feb. 21  Anastasios Sidiropoulos  Topological simplification from random embeddings.
 Feb. 28  Amit Patel.  Persistent Sheaves.
 Mar. 28  Misha Belkin.  The Hidden Convexity of Spectral Clustering.
 Apr. 4  Luis Rademacher.  The More, the Merrier: the Blessing of Dimensionality for Learning Large Gaussian Mixtures.
 Apr. 11  Liz Munch.  A distance measure on Reeb graphs.
 Apr. 18  Vin deSilva.  Lipschitz extensions and higher-order metric certificates.
 Apr. 23  Gunnar Carlsson.  The topology of finite metric spaces. (Talk will be on Wednesday April 23rd, 2–3pm, in CH 240.)
 May 2  Pawel Dlotko.  Discrete Morse Theory and Persistent Homology.

Fall 2013 Schedule

 Sept. 13  Matthew Kahle.  Introduction to Random Topology (part 1).
 Sept. 20  Matthew Kahle.  Introduction to Random Topology (part 2).
 Oct. 04  Tamal Dey  Simplicial complexes and their sparsification for topological data analysis
 Oct. 18  Sanjeevi Krishnan.  Directed Poincare duality.
 Oct. 25  Vidit Nanda.  Discrete Morse theory for computing homology groups.
 Nov. 15  Peter Bubenik.  A central limit theorem for topology.
 Nov. 22  Matthew Wright.  Hadwiger integration and applications.