2018 TRIPODS Summer School


Tamal K. Dey
CSE, The Ohio State University

Matthew Kahle
Mathematics, The Ohio State University

Sebastian Kurtek
Statistics, The Ohio State University

Facundo Memoli
Mathematics, The Ohio State University

David Sivakoff
Statistics and Mathematics, The Ohio State University

Yusu Wang
Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

Preceding the TGDA@OSU Tripods Center Workshop, there will be a 5-day “Summer School: Theory and Foundations of TGDA” at OSU from May 14-18. The summer school aims to cover some basics as well as recent developments on several important topics in Topology, Geometry and Data Analysis. In particular, the topics will include: recent developments in persistent homology, topological algorithms, and statistics on manifolds and shape spaces. The summer school, organized by the TGDA group at OSU, will be primarily aimed at early-career researchers. Most of our funding will support participation of graduate students, but we may also fund postdoctoral researchers or undergraduate students with strong backgrounds. More details will be announced soon.

Advisory Committee

Larry A. Wasserman, Statistics, CMU
Peter Bubenik, Mathematics, U. Florida

Travel and Lodging Info

  • Lodging – There are several great hotel and lodging options available near the Ohio State University Campus. For a full list of options and more information go here. The MBI is located in Jennings Hall at 1735 Neil Avenue on the 3rd floor and most OSU hotels should offer shuttle transportation to get you to and from the MBI on campus for the workshop each day.
  • Airport – When you arrive at John Glenn Columbus International airport-CMH you can take a taxi to your hotel (or find your hotel shuttle if offered) by going to the ground transportation area of the terminal where they offer 24-hour Airport taxi service.
  • Driving to MBI & Campus Parking – If you are driving to the workshop, the closest public parking garage near the MBI is the 12th Avenue Garage. The MBI is just a short walk east from here on 12th Ave. to the Intersection of Neil Ave. where we are located in Jennings Hall on the 3rd floor. Here is a Google walking map.

We very gratefully acknowledge funding and support from our NSF TRIPODS grant, our NSF RTG grant, The Ohio State Math Research Institute MRI and the Ohio State Mathematical Biosciences Institute MBI.